Monday, 1 October 2012

Toonie Tuesday

Asalam Alikum,

Tomorrow will be our first Toonie Tuesday of the year.

If your a new students you may be wondering what is this?  You get to wear your favourite clothes but make sure they are modest and have have no pictures, or drawings words are fine.  Girls still need to wear their Hijab for prayer.
However if you do not wish to wear your uniform you do need to bring a Toonie (two dollars).  The students who are not participating should wear their uniform and do not need to bring in a Toonie.  All the proceeds go to the PST which are then used for the school event.

Masha Allah I would like to thank Omar's and Arwa's parents for fulfilling with some of our class wish list.  We(students and I) really appreciate it.


Math:  page 38. 
I encourage you to practise with your child.  Today we used pasta to represent the books and cereal for the snack.  Students still need to practise the concept to fully understand it.

Reading:  Read with your child for 5-10.  Let them try to read on their own but be there for guidance.

Printing:  Masha Allah they have finished printing their alphabet letters.  I will be sending home some certificates for those students who did extraordinary work.
I will continue with printing practises, but we will move on to sentences.  Most of the students did well and I would like them to continue practising.