Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Great Outcomes

Asalam alikum,

I'm very pleased to announce that we had an excellent result for toy donations.

Today, insha Allah the students will be looking through their books.  Now that does not mean that I wont accept toys any more.  Students can bring any items they feel are suitable for the gift baskets.

The first homework package was sent home today.
  • You will find enclose two plastic bags, the larger one is for you to keep the homework folder in the smaller one is for the flash cards you will be making with your child.
  • you can use this link to practise for the spelling test
  • you will find Arabic homework
  • there was no French homework
  • the homework will be due next week but if they finish earlier they can drop it off.

I will be sending the math on daily basis as well as their red folder for regular printing practise.


Reading: 5 to ten minutes.  i encourage the students to read the booklet I send as part of the weekly homework.  They should be reading the booklet daily.

Printing: Red folder one page bring it back tomorrow

Sharing item: books and toys