Tuesday 2 October 2012

Let's Share

Asalam Alikum

Now that is Eid Al-Adha is coming I would like to the students to fill lots of buckets.

I would like to have students fill baskets and pass them on to some of the needy families in our community.

The baskets will be filled with toys, book, clothes and other items we have at home that we no longer use.  This will be a great opportunity to share with others and teach the students the value of giving.  I'm not looking for you donate new items simply look around your house for items you no longer need or want and we will find a good home for them.
Mom and dad you can also help out with giving some of your items this will make it easier for your child to give as well.
I will assign different items for the students to look for on different days, today is toy day.

The students are very excited about this project and so am I.  Insha Allah together we can make this work.


Math: page 40-41
Printing:  students took their certificates and red folder to do final corrections if needed.  I will be sending home the new sheet tomorrow Insha Allah.
Reading: 5-10 minutes
Look for toys to donate.