Monday 15 October 2012

Special Message

Asalam Alikum,

Teacher Hoda would like to remind you that the students are learning surat Al_Alaq, aya 1-8.  Please practise with your child.

Students started working on their dioramas please help them by looking on the Internet and showing them pictures this will help them with ideas.
Each group is working on a different theme, ask your son/daughter what group they are in they may bring items also to add to their diorama.

The themes are as follows:
Group 1: Muzdalifa
Group 2: Mina Tents
Group 3: Throwing stones
Group 4: Sheep slaughtering
Group 5: Tawaf
Group 6: Arafat

Homework weekly homework is due tomorrow.

Math: page 108
Reading: "Missing Numbers"
Spelling:  test tomorrow don't forget to send the spelling test book.

Eid Baskets:  don't forget to send your unwanted items.  The class will start preparing baskets this week.