Wednesday 31 October 2012

Book Fair

 Insha Allah the book fair is starting tomorrow.
Our class is scheduled to go at 1:05pm but I will only be sending the students that are buying books other students will be staying in the class with me.

If your child is not buying any books do send the draw slip as he/she has an opportunity to win $25 worth of books.

Due to technical difficulties I could not print out the weekly homework. 
In the mean time please go to the following website and practise test #4.

Today all the students read to me the booklet that was assigned for homework #3.  Masha Allah I noticed that most of the students practised as I had asked.

      Keep up the good work.
     With such hard work 
they will be fluent readers at no time at all.

Homework for today

math: page 117
Arabic Speaker:  there is a message on the blog under a message from Teacher Salam sorry I could not put it on the same posting.
Read at least 10 minutes with your child.
We have collected $130.00 toward our class tv.  JazakumAllah