Tuesday 16 October 2012

Swimming Program

Asalam Alikum, 
 Dear parents as you have read by now we will be starting the swimming program; however we will be needing your help.  For the younger grades we will require 5 to1 ratio.  We are looking for female volunteers for this to be successful.  If you are able to help and are interested  please e-mail me at jaragon@abraarschool.com and I can send you more details you do not need to have swimming experience but can help getting the children ready for their lesson.

math: 109 students were introduced to making their own graphs today and surveys.

Reading:  today's reading its any book of their choice

Islamic Studies:  help your child make things for their diorama.

Eid Baskets:  I have been looking for nice baskets to fill but they are very hard to find at a reasonable price so I need your help. If you have any trays or wicker baskets you no longer need please send them to the class so we can start filling them.