Friday 12 October 2012

Rewarding News

Asalam Alikum,  hamdulillah the students that got hurt is well and at home.  I would like to thank the students that made something special for her.  I thought it was very thoughtful of them.  Subhana Allah when I saw students handing me the letters I was  touched to know that we have such a caring environment in our class,  it showed how much we have bonded.

We had two winner for the Tarbiyah Bucks.  Insha Allah I will like to see everyone get many Tarbiyyah bucks and increase their chances of winning.


Math: page 107, home connection

Reading:  read "missing numbers" Students will be asked to read me the book on Tuesday

Spelling: test on Tuesday.  Spelling test books were sent home today sign and return and make any necessary corrections. 

Islamic Studies: We discussed Hajj in further details and each group was a sign a certain ritual relating to Hajj. Students will be gathering picture or ideas to portray in their dioramas.

Dont forget that homework needs to be completed by Tuesday in a neat manner.

Eid Baskets:  Our Eid Baskets are coming along but we still need a lot more items please parents encourage your child to give and take part filling our Eid Baskets.  The first few day students were so excited and things are calming down.  I will try to make them feel enthusiastic again about this project but I also need your help.