Friday, 30 November 2012

Parent teacher night

I had a wonderful night.
Thank you for sitting with me and worked together to improve your child and the class.

I did not assign any specific homework, aside for finishing the weekly homework and study for the spelling test.

Math: made a 3D cube as well as drew other shapes.  Your child might want to make other 3D shapes and share them with the class on Monday.

Writting: we described 3D shapes you can have them write something on the shapes they made as well.

Islamic Studies: practice the tashahud with your child we have been saying it together as a class and some of the students already know it masha Allah.  I will be testing them all very soon.

I want to start a new little project for you and your child.  I will be sending two cups home and it will be their "bucket" to fill at home.  I want them to practice and know that good deeds have to continue outside of school.  Every time they do something good for you, any other family member or stranger I want you to reward them by filling their bucket. examples: listening, following direction, helping being polite etc.

Insha Allah I will send more detail with the children on Monday.

Science: have your child collect any seed as they eat their fruit. we are collecting them and display them in the class.

 Health: We are still focusing on the four food groups.  Look through food fliers with your child and ask them what food group that item belongs to.

Don't forget to practice the quran.

If you are interested in purchasing a swimming cap they are available at Sport Check for $9.99 + tax.  If you wish I can purchase it for you and have it for the following swimming class.

Last but not least have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Early dismissal

Tomorrow, don't forget.......

Math:  page 124 and home connection
Read:  practice reading with your child from the weekly homework
 The class was divided into groups, so they enjoyed themselves.
 However they will not stay in the group they were assign. 
 As they progress they will be moved.


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A note from the grade 8 students

Grade 8 Graduation Chocolate Sale

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Students and Parents,

 The grade 8 students will be selling chocolates in an effort to fundraise for their graduation. We will be selling boxes of chocolate during snack and lunch times. The chocolates are nut-free and come in a variety of flavours. The price is $2.50 per box. Please send exact change. The chocolates will be sold every Wednesday insha Allah. We are very grateful for your generosity and support!

What: Chocolate!

When: Every Wednesday at Snack and Lunch recess
Where: Abraar School Gym

Jazakum Allahu khayran,   


The Grade 8 Class
Math: home connection page 121.
Spelling:  start to practice for the next test on spelling city.   Students are now on test number 8.
  Once again the website is   password is awesome students.
Islamic Studies we are learning the Tashahud.  Please practice with your child.  I will be sending a hard copy tomorrow with the homework.
Don't forget your books tomorrow.

 Thursday November 29th, we have swimming. 
Now that the weather is much colder I would like the students to wear swimming caps and make sure they have a hat.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Report cards went home on Friday.....

I am sure you all had a chance to look at your child's report card...
Please take the time to sign the bottom portion of the report card and send it to school with your child...
Math: page 100 home connection.
  page120 read and sign.
Spelling: test tomorrow during today's computer class we spend some time on spelling city.  I wanted the students to get familiar with the program I will continue to do this for a while insha Allah.
Weekly homework is due tomorrow.
 Please  make sure thatyour child reads the weekly booklet.
 I will ask them to read it to me tomorrow.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Report cards

Asalam Alikum, 
The report cards were sent home today.  Inside the envelop you will find your child's report card along with interview requests. 

Times will be scheduled according to first come first serve basis.  I sent 6 slips in case you would like to schedule an appointment with the subject teacher.


Math: page 99
Reading:  please read with your child
Weekly homework is due on Tuesday

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Note from Teacher and New adventure

Thursday, 22 November 2012

A message from Teacher Salam

A message from Teacher Salam:

السلام عليكم :
نحن الان في صدد ( درس هدى تحضر المائدة ) الخاص بحرف الهاء بأشكاله المختلفة ، تزود الطالب من خلاله بالعديد من المفردات اللغوية ، و تعلم حوار خطابي متعلق بموضوع الدرس ، تعرف على أشكال حرف الهاء المختلفة حسب موقعها من الكلمة ، تدرب على اللفظ الصحيح لحرف الهاء مع حركات التشكيل ( الفتحة – الكسرة – الضمة – السكون – تنوين الضم و الفتح و الكسر ) و المدود .... قرأ العديد من المقاطع و المفردات المختلفة ، و قرأ أيضا الجملة الخاصة بالدرس ، والتي نراجع من خلالها أيضا الحروف التي درست سابقا .
و الحقيقة أنني فخورة بالمستوى الجيد الذي وصل إليه معظم التلاميذ في قراءة الحروف و المقاطع و الجمل ، جعلهم الله جميعا من الصالحين الابرار ... آمين

 Home work


Math:  page 97-98

I.S: page 12- 13

Spelling: please sign spelling test. 

If your child has either word to correct or printing errors make sure that they do it.  I want them to know that it is important to put to practice what they learn. 

They spend a lot of time at the beginning of the year practicing their printing.  Please let's be consistent and we will get great results.


Science: You might have heard that we had an interesting science class instead of Art.


We made a wormery for the class.   We watched a short video on how to make it and we put it together as a class.   I decided to have this in the class for several reasons.

1.  We see the life cycle of the worm.
2.  We learn more about their habitat and see how they make channels.
3.  We learn how they work together as a society.
4. We learn how worms compost and see the process.
5.  We will be using the food scraps we do not eat such as banana peels, apple cord and so on.
5.  We get a chance to use the compost in our plants.
At the moment our seed are germinating.
We have a variety of seed germinating and the students look at them daily and are very interested as the changes happen day to day.  They inform each other and observe the specimens together.   It is great to see them discussing the changes they see and compare.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

No home work

Asalam alikum,

We finally got our new T.V. 
 I found a good deal and I could not pass on it.
Thank you to all those parents who sent their contributions. 
Hamdulillah, there were two families with generous contributions but still had out of pocket expenses.
 If you have not sent your part please do so.
Our class invited the 1A class to watch a show on plants. 
They all enjoyed themselves.
Science: Students went to the science lab and looked a plant slides.  Watched a show on were do seeds come from.

 Spelling:  Students did their spelling test.  Results were not impressive please have the students       work on their spelling skill.
 I spend a lot of time to have spelling city ready for them make good use of it.
Reading:  We are spending some time on reading books on bullying.
Read with your child.  You can also practice reading the flash cards.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

No School

No school tomorrow. 
 Teachers have
Enjoy the long weekend with your child.


Math: page 91-92
Reading: weekly booklet
Science:  we are collecting seed from the foods we are eating.  We will be planting them next week Insha Allah.

Complete weekly homework

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Anti Bulling Week

Have your child wear a blue shirt to promote no bulling  day.

Try to pick a shirt with a minimal amount of writing.
Shirts with pictures on it should not be worm.

Tomorrow we will be going swimming. 
 Make sure your child wears the bathing suit underneath their uniform tomorrow.
With the cold weather I would like to see that every student brings a hat that they can wear after their swimming lesson.
Math:  page 90
Reading: make booklet and practice reading it.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Anti Bulling Week

This week: Nov. 12th to Nov. 19th is...

Bully Awareness Week...

We are reading stories, exchanges experiences, watching videos, reading poems, etc.

If we are not careful, we are finding out that it is very easy to become a bully...

If you have any materials at home that is in a way related to bullying, please
feel free to send it with your child.
No Homework today.  Here is a short recap to help you out if you would like to have some time discussing it the day with your child.
Math:We did not do math today instead we visited the science lab.
Science: we worked in the science lab.  Students prepared their containers for planting.
Spelling:  had a spelling test.  Students are doing amazing, although some still need to work on their printing.
Islamic Studies:  ways to thank Allah and why we know Allah loves us.
Reading:  Read aloud" Will You Fill My Bucket?"  We discussed that no matter were in the world you are you can still fill buckets.
We watched a you tube video On bulling"  The Berenstain Bears and The Bully".
Health:  We watched " The Berenstain Bears - Too much Junk Food."  we discussed how eating junk food  is bad for our bodies.
Students learned that their plates should look like a rainbow and have all sorts of colourful food on their plates.  We looked at food fliers and identified food of different colours.
                           Please send a Toonie with your child and we will be making fruit kabobs
                      next Thursday for health Insha Allah. 
The money will be used to purchase the fruit that is needed to make this fun food with them.
Insha Allah you can talk with your child about their day.
Good new for the kiddos!!  We will be going swimming this Thursday Insha Allah. We are scheduled to go at 1:25pm.  We need volunteers. 

Monday, 12 November 2012

Morning Assemble

A message from our librarian, Teacher Nancy

Dear Parents,
Assalamu Alaikum
Your child has or will come home with the book I've Lost My Cat. This book is for your child to keep.
For the twelfth consecutive year, TD Bank Group and the Canadian Children's Book Centre have come together to give each grade one student at our school a Canadian children's book. Enjoy!

Happy reading together!!

Nancy-Ann Brethour, Librarian
Math: page 89
Spelling: test tomorrow they need to print neatly
Science:bring a empty water bottle if you have not done so.  Tomorrow is the last day to bring one.
The students will be doing the morning assembly tomorrow.
Each child was given a card with a bucket filler act.
  Have your child read it and ensure they can read it on their own.  

Friday, 9 November 2012

Teacher's note

Tr. Hoda Harb

Subject: Quran Class Homework

Grade: 1 A/B

Teacher: Hoda Harb

Assalamu alaikum,

Dear respected parents,

I’m pleased to let you know that the students in Grade 1 A/B are learning and applying tajweed rules for:

Surat: Al-Alaaq

Aya: 9 to 12

Your Homework is: - Review aya 1 to aya 8

                                    - memorize aya 9 to aya 12

Please practice every day.

If you have any questions please don’t  hesitate to contact me at

Jazakum Allahu Khairan for your support.

                                                                                         T. Hoda Harb



School Street Address: 1085 Grenon Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, K2B 8L7 Mailing Address: 332-1568 Merivale Road, Ottawa, Ontario K2G 5Y7 Tel: (613) 820-0044 Fax: (613) 820-1495 Web Site:


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Next Week we will be planting!!!!

Each child needs to bring a 500ml clear plastic empty water bottle
or a soda pop
for us to use as a planting pot...
Please send the bottle to school by
Monday, the 12th of November
JZA for your cooperation!! 
Math: page 85,86
Practise reading
I would like each child to write on a piece of paper how they can be bucket fillers.
 Swimming was very exciting
             for the students. 
We do need more volunteers to help. 
I will be sending a letter regarding the Swimming Program.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Swimming Program

Tomorrow will be our swimming day.  Please make sure that your child wear their bathing suite under their uniform.  Make sure that everything has your child's name.


Math: page 83-84
Quaran:  Ayas 9-14 and review 1-8.
Things to bring:  food flyer, and an empty water bottle it can be 500ml or 2L

I will be giving the children who are checking the blog a surprise tomorrow.  Have your child write on a small piece of paper an action they can do to fill their bucket.  Send it tomorrow and they will receive something from me.

The principals question of the week for those students who forgot is:

  • Name an Aya or more that was revealed to Prophet Mohamed(pbu) during the The Night Journey of Prophet Mohamed (Al Miraj)
  • write the answer on a piece of paper and drop it off in the green box beside the office.
  • If your child name is drawn he/she gets a special prize.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

E-mail address have been updated

Asalam Alikum, I have just finished up dating everyone e-mail address if you do not receive the weekly Wednesday for the Principal please inform me so I can make changes.


math: the math book was not send home today as we did not complete the lesson.
Islamic Studies: page 32-33
Reading:  read any book they enjoy
Bring a food fryer tomorrow.

Please do send your contributions for the purchase of the class television. 
  It is getting old and needs to be replaced.
It is used by the Tr. Said  for the French program he follows. 
 I also use it occasionally to show the students different education videos.
  Your help is needed.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Toonie Tuesday

is tomorrow

Remember that your child gets to wear his/her favourite outfit but must bring a Toonie.
                   Math: page 80 read only and page 82 home connection
                   Spelling:  Test tomorrow
                   Reading:  Read the booklet given with the weekly homework
                   Quran: Surat Al-Alaq practice aya 9-12, review 1-8
                                     Weekly homework is due tomorrow.
Students will start to filling their buckets tomorrow.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Eid Surprised

Today, the students were surprised by the PST.  They got to watch a  magic show and they enjoyed it very much, they also received a loot bag. You show be hearing all about it.

Students were very busy today and had no time to write their homework.  I did write a brief description of what they should be doing over the weekend.


Math: you may have your child write different combinations for 10.
Facts to 10           Example: 7+3+10, 5+5+10 and so on

Spelling:Test Tuesday.  Make sure your child has returned their spelling test book

Weekly homework package:  read book daily
 complete the worksheets neatly.  Print clear and use a pencil.
Bring the homework on Tuesday

I just wanted to clear up that our next swimming lesson is on Thursday 8th.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

New math Unit

We have completed our unit on Data management and probability.
We will be working on adding and subtracting up to 12....
please follow up with your child to facilitate the learning progress.
Math: practise counting forward and backwards with with child 1-20.
Practise building combinations of 5.
Reading:  put together the booklet and have them read to you if you have enough time.  Please put your child's name of the book as they get misplaced easily.
I will be sending the blue homework folders tomorrow.
we collected $150 for the T.V.  Please don't forget to send your donations.
A parent requested that I place the wish list again so here it is.

  • colour paper for printing
  • treasure box items
  • listening center
  • job chart
  • Mr. clean magic erasers
  • dusters
  • broom
  • large clock
  • card stock paper
  • cash donations
  • T.V or taller T.V stand(we are presently collecting the money)
  • 2 sets of head phones
  • in for class printer (canon ip 2700)
  • shape chart
  • 7 sets of water paint tablets
  • fridge magnets
  • food for the class pet