Tuesday 30 April 2013

Milk program/homework

We will be starting a new month tomorrow and we need to update the request for milk, please fill in the milk form I sent to you by e-mail and return it ASAP, but no later than Friday please.

Math page 184-185 home connection only please.  Some students did not finish measuring their friends.
Bring objects or picture of object that you can measure with.

Reading-  read for at least 10 minutes.

Pizza form and milk forms.

Enjoy the warm weather Insha Allah.

Monday 29 April 2013

Exciting Week Ahead!!!

Asalam Alikum,   Insha allah you all had a restful weekend.

There is lots happening here in Abraar School.

  • Please send your gently used toy to help the SK's graduation no later than Friday May 3rd.

  • Tomorrow we have a bake sale!!  Its the grade 2's turn this time.  Remember that all the proceeds are going towards the new youth centre.
  • Weekly homework is due tomorrow and there is also a spelling test.
  • Do not forget to send in the Pizza form order if you intend for your child to take part.  If you have misplaced the order form just send in the money and let me know what your child would like and I will take care of the rest.

Thursday 25 April 2013

Dear Parents,

Assalamu Alaikum


I have come across a very interesting article about children and technological devices. To access the article, click here.

Have a great day, inshaAllah.



  • No math was sent home today.
  • The weekly homework was sent home today.
  • Bookflix: If  have not done so already you will be needing your password
  • If your child has his/her spelling workbook please make sure to send it to school tomorrow.
  • Do not forget to send the money for the JK pizza sale.  They need to place the orders ahead of time.
Please help me out with your child by talking to them the importance of behaving well in public places.  Today when we went swimming they were very loud and it was terrible.
If this does not stop I will not be taking them swimming.

 One other thing please parents we need your help.  If I do not get enough volunteers I will not be going any more.  I had two/three sisters that are there every time, but on the other hand I do not have any one helping me with the boys and it is very difficult.  I need someone to help them out.  If you are interested in helping please let me know.

Wednesday 24 April 2013

YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED: JK Fundraiser for the school......

hope you and your family are well and in good health…
The Jk's will be holding a fundraiser on Friday, May 10th, inshallah!
They will be selling pizza. I am including the "Fundraising Pizza Order Form" in your child's pouch…
Please complete it and send it back with your child by Tuesday, April 30th, the latest!
Jazakum-Allah kheir for your support and cooperation!
Thank you and take care!
  • There is no math homework today.
  • Read with your child the book they brought home from the library.
  • There is swimming tomorrow insha Allah.
  • Fill out the pizza order and return as soon as possible.
  • I did not send the weekly homework today it will be sent tomorrow Insha Allah.

Tuesday 23 April 2013


Homework for tonight Insha Allah.

Math:  home connection page 246-248.

Spelling:  workbook page 104 please complete and return by Friday.

Reading:  please read with your child at least ten minutes.  I also noticed that many students have not yet have their password for bookflix.  Please contact teacher Nancy to get your password.  I showed all the students today how to use it and Insha Allah you make good use of the programs well.

I would like all the parents to have their password by Friday the latest if there are any problems please let me know.


Monday 22 April 2013



Math page 245 home connection.

Spelling test tomorrow,  please look  at Fridays posting for the correct spelling words.

Weekly homework is due tomorrow.

We will have swimming lessons this Thursday Insha Allah.

Thursday 18 April 2013



Math:  page 240 finish

Non Arabic Speaker:  I believe the teacher will be sending the book to study from tomorrow Insha Allah.

I will be doing the last presentations tomorrow.  Please make sure your child is prepare for their oral presentation.

Have a wonderful night.

Note from Tr.Nancy

Dear Parents,

Assalamu Alaikum


Have you read great children’s or young adults books lately? If you have, I would like to hear about it; I am sure that other parents would like to hear about it, too.


Every week, I post book recommendations on the school library website. If you would like to include your recommendations on the library website, please email me your book review at nbrethour@abraarschool.com


I look forward to hearing from you.


Happy Reading!



Wednesday 17 April 2013

Jazakum-Allah kheir for your full support!
Our bake sale was a success, walhamdulillah!
We were able to fundraise $562.96...
May Allah bless you and your families!
  •  I will be asking the students questions based on the home connection to make sure that they are doing their homework.
  • Please do not forget to contact Tr. Nancy if you have not done so.
  • the spelling words on the weekly homework are wrong sorry about that:  these are the correct words
  • small    last       spot      snow      spoon    slide     star
Non Arabic speaker only: Quiz from Page 34-37 on Monday.

Monday 15 April 2013


Weekly homework is due tomorrow!

Spelling test tomorrow.  I will no longer be lenient with marks and with their writing.  Tonight just do a quick check that they are printing their letters correctly please.  Last week there were lots of silly mistakes.

Please parents this is the last reminder that your child is scheduled to do their presentations this week.  I was not pleased today when I found out that some students have not started.  I had given plenty of time and reminders as well.

If there are any problems and your child can not present on the given scheduled day contact me tomorrow to arrange for another day.  I would like to have all the presentations done for this week Insha Allah.

All the students must complete math page 235.  I already took up the page with your child and we all did the answer orally all they need to do is fill in the blanks.


مهرجان اللغة العربية السنوي السابع

تتشرف أسرة اللغة العربية بمدرسة الأبراربدعوة سيادتكم لحضور مهرجان اللغة العربية السنوي السابع وذلك في تمام الساعة : 9:30 صباحا

اليوم : الاربعاء17 / 4 / 2013

المكان : ملعب المدرسة

حضوركم يزيدنا تشريفا ويزيد أبناءنا تشجيعا، فتعالوا نشاهد أبناءنا يقدمون أفضل ما لديهم من أنشطة فنية وأدبية.



Abraar School Seventh Arabic Annual Festival

Arabic language staff at Abraar School cordially invites you to its 7th annual Arabic Festival.

When:Wednesday 17/ 4 / 2013 (9:30 AM)

Where: School gym

Come and watch your children (Arabic speakers and non-speakers) perform their best.

Friday 12 April 2013

Bake sale

Who:   You!!!  ( GRADE 1A’S AND 1B’S)

What:  Bake Sale

Where:  In the gym

WHEN:  TUESDAY, April 16th

Why:   TO RAISE MONEY FOR THE NEW SCHOOL                                                       AND


Bake sale

Wedensday, April  10th 2013

Dearest Parents,

This is to inform you that both grade 1A & 1B will be responsible for the FIRST bake sale of a series of sales.  The funds raised will go towards the purchase of our new school and the making of the youth centre.

Of course we could not do this without your full support!  We would like to ask each and every family to provide us with baked goods to sell on Tuesday, April 16th, inshallah!  Please make sure that the goods are NUT FREE… 

When baking the goods, keep in mind that the customers are children.

Some suggestions of what to bake or send:  cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, cakes, brownies, small sandwishes, little meat pies & cheese pies, little pizzas, etc.


To make the servining process easier, please wrap/package in individual servings…

Please remember that we are selling to the whole school…

Together, inshallah, we can achieve our goal!!!

Last but not least, we would like to have some parents volunteer (6 would be wonderful) to help in the serving process on the day on the day of the bake sale, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.  Please email if you are able to make it. 

We appreciate your full support and cooperation!!!

Tr. Jessica & Asma’a

p.s. If you have family and friends that would like to help, it would be great!!!  We want everyone to be rewarded…

Thursday 11 April 2013

Book Fair


Math:  233   Math connection

Students will still get a chance to go to the book fair tomorrow if they were not able to go today.

Dress your children well for tomorrows weather.  Not many of them are dress well.

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Book Fair

The book fair is tomorrow Insha Allah.

We also have swimming. I need all the students to come with their swim suits under neath their uniforms.   I also wanted to remind you that we need volunteers if you can make it Insha Allah.

Weekly homework was sent out today.  Please look inside your child black bag as we have a bake sale coming up on April 16th to help the school fund raising.

Tuesday 9 April 2013

Book Fair

Tuesday,  April 9th, 2013

Bookfair (Part II)

Dear Parents,

Assalamu Alaikum

 The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to our school this week, and we invite you to come and share in this celebration of literacy with us!

 Now more than ever, reading is vital to leading a better life. It is the door opener to the 21st century for all children. Knowing how to read is just the beginning. Motivating young people to KEEP READING, comprehend what they read and develop the ability to think creatively are the end goals.

 Children need ACCESS to great books and the opportunity to CHOOSE what they want to read. Moreover, they need TIME for reading.

Scholastic Book Fairs has the books to motivate more reading. With your involvement, we can inspire children to practice reading and read more often. Together, we can make a difference in their lives that will last a lifetime.

 One great way to ensure our children get started with reading and keep on reading all year long is with the Classroom Wish List program. We urge you to stop by the CWL display when you first arrive at the Fair. Take a moment to learn how purchasing books and donating them to your child’s classroom, can give little readers even greater ACCESS to the books they want to read by expanding existing classroom libraries.

 We asked each teacher to fill-in her “book wish list” prior to the fair. Look for your child’s teacher’s name on the display. All teachers took great care in selecting the best and most appropriate books to meet their students’ reading levels and learning needs. It is their wish that these books become a permanent part of the classroom library. We will recognize every generous gift you make with a special bookplate, identifying your family or child as the donor.

 We will display the Classroom Wish List at the book fair, so keep an eye out for it! Your support can help a classroom blossom with new and exciting adventures in reading, stimulating young minds for years to come.

 We hope to see you at our Scholastic Book Fair. Together, we can raise readers!


Nancy-Ann Brethour

Book Fair Chairperson

THE BOOKFAIR "A message from Teacher Nancy, the Librarian..."

Dear Parents and Families,

Assalamu Alaikum

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to our school this week! What better way to promote reading to our students than by supporting this important literary event.

We invite your entire family to participate by purchasing the latest and greatest in children’s books. Did you know that for every $10 you spend at the Fair up to $6 comes directly back to our school? Your support of this vital literary event is key in helping us obtain new books and resources for our library and classrooms.

You will find hundreds of quality books at our Book Fair with a wide assortment for all reading levels. On Monday, your child will be bringing home the Scholastic Book Fair flyer that provides a preview of only a FEW of the many books available to purchase at our Fair.

The flyer also contains a special Family Event Draw ballot that parents can deposit during our Family Event. You could win $50 in books – $25 for your family PLUS $25 for your child’s classroom!

Do not forget to mark the Book Fair dates on your calendar! We look forward to seeing you during our Scholastic Book Fair and thank you, in advance, for supporting this great literary fundraiser. Mostly, thank you for believing in books and the importance reading has on your child’s future.


Nancy-Ann Brethour

Book Fair Chairperson

Book Fair Dates: Thursday, April 11 and Friday, April 12, 2013

Times: 9:00 to 3:30 (both days)

Location: School Library

We accept cheques made payable to our school. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are welcome, too.

Friday 5 April 2013



Math: page 228 home connection  practice with your child counting by 10's, We will work on page 229 on Monday insha Allah.

Read at least 10 minutes.

Please if you have time to go shopping buy splash guard pants for your child.  If you do not intend to do so send an extra set of clothes.  Today so many students were dirty and upset because of it.

Thursday 4 April 2013



  • please sign page 223
  • sign page 224 and read it with your child
  • page 225-227 do the home connection
Read for at least 10-15 minutes.

Please do not forget to contact Tr. Nancy and get your password for bookflix.

Please parent send your child with proper clothing for outdoor recess.  I have noticed that they can't help themselves and sometimes they fall.  Splash pants or snow pants are great to keep the uniform clean.

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Unit 10: Place Value and number Application

We are starting a new unit in Math.....
Please take the time to read the instructions with your child tomorrow!
Also, please continue to do the Home Connection at the bottom of the assigned pages.
Jazakum MullAllah Kheirn for your co-operation.
  • Please do not forget to send the form for the pictures if you like to get retakes or to place order .
  • The milk program has started a new month and if you are interested please send the money tomorrow and I can fill out the form for you.