Thursday 18 October 2012

Eid Baskets/Swimming forms

Asalam Alikum dear parents,

Our first swimming lesson will be the coming Thursday Oct 25th,2012.

I need all the swimming forms in by Monday if you have not send them in.
I also send a form for all the moms who are able to volunteer.  I only have 3 volunteers which will not be sufficient for all my students.

We will be packing the Eid Baskets tomorrow and have them ready for the families we will be helping. 
This is the last chance to send any items you would like to share.  I do want some baskets, containers or trays that we can use to put items in.

Math: page 111 and 112.  Students did not have a chance to complete page 112 but will finish tomorrow Insha Allah. You may still do the home connection part of that page if you like.
They are doing very well in this chapter.

Reading: Students should be reading the booklet I gave with the homework and the flash cards.

Islamic Studies: we have been discussing Hajj and the different steps done during this special time