Wednesday 10 October 2012

Clean the Capital

Asalam Alikum,

The class had a great time  during "Cleaning the Capital" session.  Students had hands on experience learning that our responsibilities as citizens is to keep our community clean.

I sent home the first homework corrected.  If your child has corrections please have them correct the work and return it.
I cant emphasise enough how I need them to print properly on the lines.  Please parents its not just about getting the homework done. Encourage your children to take pleasure in doing their homework neat and use the skills they have been learning.

Saying all that I will be looking for neat hand writing and colouring for next week.


  • page 105 complete the 3 questions on the bottom of the page.  Students were given time in class to ask 10 friends and complete the chart.  We had an example on the board and did the questions together so they know how to read the chart for tonight.
  • Home connection
  • Make the booklet given today for homework and start reading it.  They should read the same book every single day.
  • Please send back the booklet they made for last week "I see Numbers".  I will be testing their reading and marking the words they had difficulty reading.
Eid Basket:
  • We have collected some toys,books and clothing.
  • Please send your non-perishable foods to fill our Eid Baskets.  I would like to have several baskets made for some needy families.