Tuesday 7 January 2014

Field trip

Alsalamu Alaikum,

We had a great day today alhamdulilah!

Reading: Students sat in groups and read stories. Students read to me and I assessed their reading.  Make sure that your child is reading daily. 

Writing: Students wrote sentences in their notebooks using the new spelling words. 

Social Studies: We talked about our community. Students took a Social Studies worksheet about Communities. They coloured a picture of a community. We talked about some of the things we may find in a community.

Gym: Students practiced bouncing the ball and passing it to one another. 

Islamic Studies: We talked more about prayer. I have noticed that some of the students do not know what to say during ruku, sujud or know the tashahud.   We will start to join the rest of the school for Duhr time so please practice at home.  

Reminders: We will be going on a field trip to the library tomorrow in shaa Allah. If I do not have your child's library card, please send it tomorrow, so your child can check out books from the library.  I am still looking for volunteers if you are able to come the bus will be leaving at 9:30 and returning at noon.

Have a wonderful evening in shaa Allah!