Friday 30 November 2012

Parent teacher night

I had a wonderful night.
Thank you for sitting with me and worked together to improve your child and the class.

I did not assign any specific homework, aside for finishing the weekly homework and study for the spelling test.

Math: made a 3D cube as well as drew other shapes.  Your child might want to make other 3D shapes and share them with the class on Monday.

Writting: we described 3D shapes you can have them write something on the shapes they made as well.

Islamic Studies: practice the tashahud with your child we have been saying it together as a class and some of the students already know it masha Allah.  I will be testing them all very soon.

I want to start a new little project for you and your child.  I will be sending two cups home and it will be their "bucket" to fill at home.  I want them to practice and know that good deeds have to continue outside of school.  Every time they do something good for you, any other family member or stranger I want you to reward them by filling their bucket. examples: listening, following direction, helping being polite etc.

Insha Allah I will send more detail with the children on Monday.

Science: have your child collect any seed as they eat their fruit. we are collecting them and display them in the class.

 Health: We are still focusing on the four food groups.  Look through food fliers with your child and ask them what food group that item belongs to.

Don't forget to practice the quran.

If you are interested in purchasing a swimming cap they are available at Sport Check for $9.99 + tax.  If you wish I can purchase it for you and have it for the following swimming class.

Last but not least have a wonderful weekend.