Friday 2 November 2012

Eid Surprised

Today, the students were surprised by the PST.  They got to watch a  magic show and they enjoyed it very much, they also received a loot bag. You show be hearing all about it.

Students were very busy today and had no time to write their homework.  I did write a brief description of what they should be doing over the weekend.


Math: you may have your child write different combinations for 10.
Facts to 10           Example: 7+3+10, 5+5+10 and so on

Spelling:Test Tuesday.  Make sure your child has returned their spelling test book

Weekly homework package:  read book daily
 complete the worksheets neatly.  Print clear and use a pencil.
Bring the homework on Tuesday

I just wanted to clear up that our next swimming lesson is on Thursday 8th.