Tuesday 13 November 2012

Anti Bulling Week

This week: Nov. 12th to Nov. 19th is...

Bully Awareness Week...

We are reading stories, exchanges experiences, watching videos, reading poems, etc.

If we are not careful, we are finding out that it is very easy to become a bully...

If you have any materials at home that is in a way related to bullying, please
feel free to send it with your child.
No Homework today.  Here is a short recap to help you out if you would like to have some time discussing it the day with your child.
Math:We did not do math today instead we visited the science lab.
Science: we worked in the science lab.  Students prepared their containers for planting.
Spelling:  had a spelling test.  Students are doing amazing, although some still need to work on their printing.
Islamic Studies:  ways to thank Allah and why we know Allah loves us.
Reading:  Read aloud" Will You Fill My Bucket?"  We discussed that no matter were in the world you are you can still fill buckets.
We watched a you tube video On bulling"  The Berenstain Bears and The Bully".
Health:  We watched " The Berenstain Bears - Too much Junk Food."  we discussed how eating junk food  is bad for our bodies.
Students learned that their plates should look like a rainbow and have all sorts of colourful food on their plates.  We looked at food fliers and identified food of different colours.
                           Please send a Toonie with your child and we will be making fruit kabobs
                      next Thursday for health Insha Allah. 
The money will be used to purchase the fruit that is needed to make this fun food with them.
Insha Allah you can talk with your child about their day.
Good new for the kiddos!!  We will be going swimming this Thursday Insha Allah. We are scheduled to go at 1:25pm.  We need volunteers.