Tuesday 20 November 2012

No home work

Asalam alikum,

We finally got our new T.V. 
 I found a good deal and I could not pass on it.
Thank you to all those parents who sent their contributions. 
Hamdulillah, there were two families with generous contributions but still had out of pocket expenses.
 If you have not sent your part please do so.
Our class invited the 1A class to watch a show on plants. 
They all enjoyed themselves.
Science: Students went to the science lab and looked a plant slides.  Watched a show on were do seeds come from.

 Spelling:  Students did their spelling test.  Results were not impressive please have the students       work on their spelling skill.
 I spend a lot of time to have spelling city ready for them make good use of it.
Reading:  We are spending some time on reading books on bullying.
Read with your child.  You can also practice reading the flash cards.