Monday 3 March 2014

Homework and Classwork

Alsalamu Alaikum,

Today we had a wonderful day alhamdulilah!

spelling:  Students had their weekly spelling test .  I noticed that not too many students did well.  Please make sure that your child studies weekly.

Math: We used the clocks we made in class to pactice telling time to the half hour.   I asked the student to complete page 218 at home.

Science: We reviewed the types of energy and looked at alternative to using electricity.

Gym:  Students did a warm up exercise and we had several races.  We also played green light, red light.  The students had a blast and had plenty of exercises since they have been in doors for most of the week.
  • Pray
  • Homework pack (due tomorrow)
  • Toonie Tuesday tomorrow 
  • Read the book Polar Bear.
  • Make sure your child has the Read With Me form #2 tomorrow the latest not many student returned it today.
  • If you have the MS read-a- thon forms please return them on Monday.