Thursday 21 November 2013

Classwork and Homework

Alsalamu Alaikum,

Alhamdulilah we had a good day today!

Reading: Yesterday, Sr. Madlien read us "Cookies". Students completed a worksheet about the meaning of words with Sr. Madlien.

Writing: Students wrote and drew pictures about bullying.
We watched a video with the other grade 1 about  bullying and we talked about what to do when there is someone who is bullying us.

Math: Students showed the class the graphs they made at home.
worked on page 116-117.  Please complete page 117 at home and any other incomplete work.

Islamic Studies:  Students reviewed the 5 pillars of Islam and drew themselves performing each pillar.

Spelling: Students looked at pictures in their spelling books and wrote the list words that have the same beginning and end sounds.   All the students have completed lesson #10. 

Non-Arabic: Reading quiz next Tuesday Nov 26 with these words:
أنا - أقرأ - أكتب - ولد - بنت - رجل - امرأة - شمس - قمر

Arabic and non-Arabic:  both classes have homework.  Please make sure they complete it and return if on Tuesday in the homework package.


-Tomorrow is a half day. 
- Please sign and return the field trip form tomorrow.  If your child is not attending school tomorrow please send me an e-mail for confirmation and have them bring in the form on Monday Insha Allah.

                                                    - Homework pack (due on Tuesday)
                                                    - Read a story.

Urgent:  If you have an appointment to see me tomorrow after 4:30 we have moved all the appointments over 15 minutes to allow time for prayer.  Sorry for any inconvenience.