Thursday 31 March 2016

Classwork and Homework

Dear Parents,

I hope and pray that all of you are doing well, Inshaa Allah. 

We've had a wonderful week so far alhamdulillah! The students are very excited to be back a school and they are ready to learn Masha Allah.

Islamic Studies: 
We are learning about Muslim Manners, Relationships and Diversity.

Math:   We have been working on Addition and Subtraction Strategies. Please look at your child's math book to make sure they complete any unfinish work.  We are up to page 113 at the moment.

Spelling:  Students will be having a spelling test this coming Tuesday insh Allah. These are the words:  glad   flag   play   black   clock   clay   fly    bue    plane    glass  clean.  
We worked  on lesson 19. Lesson 14-18 review.

Reading: Do not forget to use raz kids at home.  

Science:  We learning about material and structures.

Social studiesWe are done for now.

Writing:  We are practising making simple sentences and sounding out words. Have your child practice writing descriptive sentences.

Quran: Test on Surah Al-Layl on Friday April 1st.

Art:  students have been having fun using different types of paints and learning new techniques.


* ​Thank you so much for the parents and family members( Abdullah's, Bashir's, and Nilifer's mom as well as Sara S grandmother) that volunteered during the filed trip to the sugar bush.​

* I would like to remind you that students need to come in proper uniform.  Now that the weather is getting warmer outside your child may need to wear a sweater or a light jacket to school.  If you can send splash pants and rain books that would be wonderful.  I am also requestion that your child keeps an extra pair of socks in their school bag.

* I will given extra dojo points to any student that does at least 5 acts of kindness and write down what it is that they did. 

 This week Mohammad A, Ali Y, Ali S, and Sara S were able to complete the bonus assignment masha Allah.