Wednesday 23 March 2016

Class updates

Dear Parents,

I hope and pray that all of you are doing well, Inshaa Allah. 

We've had a wonderful week alhamdulillah! 

For the long weekend, students are asked to read as often as they can. The first day back is Tuesday March 29th.

No weekly homework will be sent home this week.

Islamic Studies: 
We are learning about Muslim Manners, Relationships and Diversity.

Math:   We have been working on Addition and Subtraction Strategies.

Spelling:  Students will not be having a spelling test.  We worked  on lesson 18 short vowel e, page 73-76.

Reading: Do not forget to use raz kids at home.  I have reset all the students passwords.  Each student was given their new password on Thursday you will find them in the back of their agenda in the plastic slip.

Science:  We learning about material and structures.

Social studiesWe are done for now.

Writing:  We are practising making simple sentences and sounding out words. Have your child practice writing using the 5w's

Quran: Surah Al-Layl Ayah 17-21

Art:  students have been having fun using different types of paints and learning new techniques.

French: Students had a spelling test


* ​I still need three more volunteers for our class to be able to go on our next field trip.   If I do not have the required amount of volunteers we will not be able to attend.​

* I would like to remind you that students need to come in proper uniform.  Now that the weather is getting warmer outside your child may need to wear a sweater or a light jacket to school.  If you can send splash pants and rain books that would be wonderful.  I am also requestion that your child keeps an extra pair of socks in their school bag.

* I will given extra dojo points to any student that  describes a plant  using at least 5 sentences.  They must include a picture of their plant in their writing. (  Last week Mohammad A was able to complete the bonus assignment masha Allah.)

* Student sneakers will be kept at the school for the long weekend. 
Sleep in when you can!
 Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!

*  Do not forget to the hot lunch form.