Friday 8 April 2016

Classwork and Homework

Dear Parents,

I hope and pray that all of you are doing well, Inshaa Allah. 

We've had a wonderful week so far alhamdulillah! 

Islamic Studies: 
We are learning about Muslim Manners, Relationships and Diversity.

Math:   We have been working on Patterning. Please look at your child's math book to make sure they complete any unfinished work.  We are up to page 129 at the moment.

Spelling:  Students will be having a spelling test this coming Tuesday insh Allah. These are the words:  clock  spoon   play   try  from   baby   slide   brown   funny   star   flag   cry   snow   sunny   grow   happy   blue   drink   they .  
We worked  on lesson 20 pages 81-84.
You may use spelling city to practice  

Reading: Do not forget to use raz kids at home.  

Science:  We learning about Energy.

Social studies: A project was sent home.

Writing:  We are practising making simple sentences and sounding out words. Have your child practice writing descriptive sentences.

Quran: Ash-Shams Aya 1-7.


Sumayyah Boutaleb  won second place in the Quran competition a big masha Allah from all of your classmates.

* ​Thank you so much for the parents and family members that have volunteered for the science workshop.  I am still in need for at least tree more parents for this workshop to be successful. 

* I would like to remind you that students need to come in proper uniform.  Now that the weather is getting warmer outside your child may need to wear a sweater or a light jacket to school.  If you can send splash pants and rain books that would be wonderful.  I am also requestion that your child keeps an extra pair of socks in their school bag.  Many students are coming in from recess wet you may want to keep an extra set of clothes in case of an emergency.

* I will given extra dojo points to any student that does at least 5 acts of kindness and write down what it is that they did.