Wednesday, 16 April 2014

classwork and homework

Alsalamu Alaikum,

Reading: Students sat on the carpet and Sr. Madlien read My Father's Dragon, chapter four. They went back to their places and answered questions about the chapter as a class.

Math: We practice using a number line! Students are to complete one section of the given homework sheet, not included in the homework package.

Social Studies: Alima, Lamar and Hamzah presented their projects and masha'Allah they did a wonderful job!

Art:  students painted their background for their art project.

We went to the gym and attended the Talent Show! Masha'Allah it was great!


Homework pack (due on Tuesday)
New assignment on storybird (due on 4/30/2014),  it will be posted tomorrow insha Allah

  • Please make sure that you never borrow the book we are reading for the Story Response Log or read it online. Even if your child was absent, please do not do so. The point of the Story Response Log is for the students to retell what they heard in class. 
  • Please parents it is important that you do not read the book at home.  
  • The purpose of this exercise is to enhance the student ability to focus in class and their comprehension skills.