Thursday, 3 October 2013


Math:   page 23-24 home connection.  your child may do it on a piece of paper and share it with the class.

Reading:  students should be working on the booklet they made yesterday and start reading it by tomorrow.

Writing:  please complete letter m and number 8 in the blue duo tang.  Once they finish printing all the letters of the alphabet I need your help in making sure that they continue to print properly when completing their homework Insha Allah.

When students are completing their homework I expect neat clear printing and it must be done in pencil.  Do not let your child complete their work in pen or crayon as they cant erase properly.

I just realized that the students forgot their math books at school.   the home connection portion today is to  Page 23- play " I Spy," giving the number as a clue:  " I spy, with my little eye, something that has four legs."   Your child might guess" table" or " chair".  Switch roles.

Page 24- Together, discuss the page which was to draw a number of items and write the numeral and number word. Ask your child to repeat the activity by choosing another number.