Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Classwork and Homework

Alsalamu Alaikum,

Today we had a great day alhamdulilah!

Fire Drill Practice: Today we practiced how to line up and exit the school when there is a fire drill. Masha'Allah students did a good job, so we went to the park and we had a great time there!

Writing:  Student wrote a riddle about fruits.  Masha Allah they did and awesome job. I picked some of them to be read in the gym tomorrow morning.

Gym:  We review eating habits and read a story.  " Eating the Alphabet" and "Gregory, the Terrible Eater".

Social Studies:  We learned the directions North, South, East and West.

Islamic Studies: Students answered questions about Muslim Manners in their I Love Islam workbooks.

Science:  talk to your child about the four seasons and let them tell you what they know about each of the seasons.


  • Pray
  • Read a story.
  • Tomorrow the class is doing the morning assemble and I have asked a few of the students to read the fruit riddle they wrote today.

Important: Tomorrow is Career Day inshaa Allah! Please remind your child to be in the best behaved manner. We will have many volunteers come to our class and talk about their profession.