Monday 16 September 2013

Blue folder

Asala Alikum,   Insha Allah all of you had a wonderful weekend.

Today I am sending the agendas for the first day.  Please check it on a daily basis your child will be writing their own homework so bear with me.  I will also be posting it in case you do not understand.  Do sing it daily.   Acknowledge their hard effort for writing, it is very hard for them and they are doing an excellent job.

I will be sending the blue folder everyday.  I want them to do ONE letter and ONE number at home. Do not do more than that.

Today the students need to work on the letter Dd and the number 3 ONLY.  Do not work ahead please.
This has to be done it should be a review of what they had been doing last year.
I noticed that some of the students are not being careful with the way they are printing.  Encourage your child to follow the directions given on each page.  I will be asking them to redo the letter that are not written down correctly.  Aside from that use the lines properly.  I need your help in making sure they do their homework correctly.  I also notice that on the letter C for example the word "cake" is there and some of them did not print the letter "A" correctly although they just did it,  this is where I need your help to reinforce what we have covered already.

School Supplies:  I have most of them but some students are still missing items that are absolutely necessary.  Please send the notebooks,duo tank, folders, pouch, pencils and pencil crayons ASAP.

Have your child dress for the weather.

Have a good night!!