Monday, 4 March 2013

Toonie Tuesday/ Homework


Math: page 152. Many of the students forgot their math book so I have written down what we covered.

 Students are using patters to solve problems.  Today the students had this scenario.
Class work:
 A bicycle rack holds 5 bicycles.  The school has 4 bicycle racks.  How many bicycles can be parked? 
Home connection:
Have your child explain how he or she solved this problem.  Ask:  " how did you know the number of bicycles?  Tell me about your thinking.

If any of you have the portfolios at home please return them ASAP.

  I have asked all the students to bring an extra pencil from home.  I will label them with their name. Many students are misplacing their pencil and I want them to learn that they must take care of the school supplies.  I will be given them pencil if and only if  they finish them, but some students are asking for pencils on a daily basis.  In this case I will give them the pencils they brought from home.

Weekly homework is due tomorrow.

Spelling test as well. Do not forget to send their spelling test books. Remember that I will be looking at their printing not just spelling.

Any work not done correctly will be return for corrections.

Tomorrow is Toonie Tuesday.  Your child may wear anything they want(no uniform) all they need to do is bring two dollars.