Friday 1 March 2013

It's the weekend......


Math: 149-150
Spelling:  we covered Lesson 18 " short vowel E"
Reading:  please read with your child everyday
Islamic studies:  We have started to read about the sirah of Prophet Muhammed(pbuh).  Students learnt the names of his parents and who took care of him as a child.  Review with your child please.
When practicing for the spelling test and doing the weekly homework please remember that students must print neat not messy.  The worksheet I sent home this week was for that purpose.  I need them to remember to start from the top down.  Keep an eye for that.  If they do not do it correctly it will be sent home for corrections.

I just wanted to remind you about two items:
  1. I need the goal sheets
  2. Pizza forms need to be brought in

The last thing I wanted to add is: I need parents to assist in the swimming.  This weekend I was alone with one other parents.  Al hamdulillah we did not have a full class but if we did we would of had a very hard time.  If you cant assist maybe another parent you know might be able to come and help out.  Please look into it and make it easy for everyone.