Friday 8 March 2013

March break

Asalam Alikum,
Well the March break has come.  I would like you all to make the best of this time.
I hope the students rest a little, play a little, and work a little.
Just a reminder that learning does not always mean sit and do worksheets.  You can make any opportunity a learning experience for your child. eg.  sit and read together,  go shopping and let them count the change, look around the neighbourhood and what do you see (street signs-what do they mean, buildings-who may work there) and so on.   Talk with your child find out what they have been doing at school, who are their new friends, go out for walks.
Make this a enjoyable and fun break with your child.  They have learn a lot you can put all that learning to practice now.

Insha Allah I will see all of them back on March 18th.  Do not forget that we will have a library field trip on March 19th.  If you would like to come with us your more than welcome.

Teacher Jessica