Thursday 17 January 2013

PD Day Friday 18/1/2013

Asalam alikum Dear Parents,
Insha Allah you are all well.

Our class has a been reading news articles everyday since school started. 
I am ecstatic to inform you that some of my students have started bringing articles they have found and want to share them with the class.

Now since tomorrow is a PD Day this is how I vision my students.  Hahahaha!!!!

May Allah bless them.

I also wanted to give them a special surprise as all of them did excellent in their spelling test.  MASHA ALLAH!!!!

I have not given them extra homework as I want them to work on their weekly homework and their reading.

I gave them a reading test last week and found that they are all improving but I would like them to become more fluent.

Have a wondeful long weekend.