Tuesday 29 November 2016

Class Updates

As-salamu-alaikum wa Rahmatullah

Dear Parents,

I hope and pray that all of you are doing well, In shaa Allah. We had a wonderful week alhamdulilah!

This week was wonderful alhamdulillah!

Students attended a school assembly on Cleanliness and we won the greenest class award. A big Masha Allah to all the students for doing such a great job.

Writing:  students had a chance to write in their journals about their families.  They answered the following question using proper sentence structure.
1.  What is the character of the Month?
2.  What can you do to keep your school clean?
3.  How will you do this?

Islamic Studies:  in Islamic Studies we have been reviewing the five pillars of Islam.  We are concentrating on prayer and wudu at the moment. Keep track of your prayers

Math:  students are 
learning about measurement using non-standards units of measurements.  we have worked in our workbook.
Page 45- 50  Students have been using different standards of units to measure different objects around the class and at home..
We will be starting Unit 6 this week. 

Reading:  Students have been divided into groups, during reading time students are asked to read a book and are assigned various activities to correlate with the book they have been assigned.
Please make sure to always read with your child at least 10-15 minutes a daily.

Library:  Please make sure that your child returns their library books every Wednesday.

Science:   We will working on structures and materials.

Social Studies: we learned about rules and responsibilities at home, school and other public places. 

Students had a chance to tell us about their families and what are some of the roles they have in their homes.
We have finished this unit and will be concentrating on Science.

Spelling:  Students will have their spelling test this Wednesday November 30th insha Allah. 
the words are:
      cold   car  will   well can   rug   none  ten   nine  

You may practice the spelling words using the following link  the list is under test #5

  • Please practice writing simple sentences with your child using the spelling words.  When printing make sure your child leaves finger space between the words and prints legibly. 

Physical education:  We have been starting our gym class with a warm up followed by an activity.  Students have been learning many of the safety rules for gym class and learning how to follow instructions during their class.

I have been taking time to discuss the importance of eating healthy. Most students are doing excellent, and they understand the importance eating healthy food verses junk food.

  • please have your child dress for the weather.  They should have a hat, gloves or mittens, neck warmer and boots and snow pants.
  • Please practice with your child how to put their snow pants on and zip their jacket. (A big Masha Allah to Dana who now knows how to Zip her Jacket all on her own).
  • Always keep and extra pair of socks in your child school bag as they often get wet.
We will be having garbage free lunches every Tuesday and Thursday insha Allah.  The students are doing great masha Allah.