Wednesday 28 January 2015

Classwork and homework

Dear Parents,

I hope and pray that all of you are doing well, In shaa Allah. Today we had a wonderful day alhamdulilah!

It was nice to see the students back at school eager to share their stories. 

Islamic Studies:  We are reviewing the life of the Prophet Mohammed(P). 

Math:  we are almost done the unit on 2Dand 3D shapes.  We will be moving on to patterning Insha Allah.

Spelling: We are doing a review of the last four units.

Science:  We are almost done with the oral presentations.  We are also learing about the different sources of energy.

Reading:  Sr. Madline came in today and read a story for the class.

Quran: The students are working on surah  Ad-Duha from Ayah 1 to 3.