Tuesday 14 May 2013

French Cafe

Asalam Alikum

The higher grades have their annual French Cafe please support them.  Please send you child with a $1.00 or two.  This is a great opportunity for them to practice their French skills.

We almost reached our goal for the " Penny Drive", the students are very excited please help us out with what ever you can. 

Sign the spelling test.

I only have two words to say "MASHA ALLAH'  all the students did great. Keep it up.

Have a great night and see all of you tomorrow Insha Allah.  I have noticed that some students are coming late to class.  I have talked to them about going to bed early.  It is important that they make to class on time.  When students came in late them miss portions of lessons that Im not always able to take up on the spot and the students fall behind in the class work.