Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Tomorrow the students have swimming at 1:25pm for those parents that would like to join us. 

Please make sure that they are wearing their swimming clothes under their uniform.

I also need all of them to have a winter hat and scarf for after wards.
I do not want the students to get sick.

The students had a blast today doing all different kinds of activities that required counting to 100.

I sent home the weekly homework. 

You will noticed that I will not be having a spelling test this week.  The reason is that we have a P.D. day on Friday and Monday is a holiday.
The students are doing excellent in their spelling, therefore I feel they deserve a break. 

 They should have fun playing outdoors and they can share with you what they are learning.

  They have been working hard in class and are progressing well.

If you have any concerns please let me know.

T. Jessica