Friday 8 February 2013

Need your help for the "100 days of school"

Asalam Alikum,  Insha Allah all of you are well.

I did not send any homework this weekend.  Instead I want the students to work on their reading and their weekly homework.

I also wanted to let you know that the 100 day of school will be this Wednesday.

The kids will be having loads of fun with the activities I have planned but I do need your co-operation.

I have been collecting different items such as bread clips, buttons and other small items, if you have any small items please send them and we can add them to the 100 things to collect.

I also posted a few weeks back about out seed collection.  If you can get out to the store and pick up some seeds that would be great.  We are collecting 100 types of seeds.  So far we have about 50 different types.  We need to have another 50 to reach our goal, you may get types of veggies or even flower seed.