Friday 21 October 2016

Class updates

As-salamu-alaikum wa Rahmatullah

Dear Parents,

I hope and pray that all of you are doing well, In shaa Allah. We had a wonderful week alhamdulilah!

This week was wonderful alhamdulillah!

Writing:  students had a chance to write in their journals about different subject.

Islamic Studies:  in Islamic Studies (taught in Arabic) we covered the following topics 'Allah is Our Great Creator' (Al-Khaliq, Al-Musawwir, Al-Bari)... We completed the simple phrase in Arabic 'Khalaq Allah...'.  Then we moved on to 'Searching for Allah' (Prophet Ibrahim's search for Allah)...  We talked about why Allah is not 'the sun', 'the moon', or 'the shining star' and how Prophet Ibrahim figured out that Allah could not be any of those things.  We used the phrase "Yabhat Saiduna Ibrahim ala Allah...", we mentioned that Prophet Ibrahim 'Khaleel Allah' (friend of Allah). Then we talked about the ones of Allah 'Allah wahed', by starting with the first of the five pillars of Islam... 'Al-Shahadatain', then we moved on to talking about 'Surah Al-Ikhalas'.  We talked about how Allah does not need anyone with Him.  'La ilaha ila Allah', 'Al-Wahd', 'Al-Samad', 'Al-Hayy', 'Al-Qayyum', 'Al-Aliyy', 'Al-Atheem'...  We talked about Tawheed (The believe in ONE God)Student got to reflect about "I love God, He loves me', why do we love Allah? Why does He love us?  'Limada nuhib Allah wa limada huwa uhibbuna'... the name of Allah 'Al-wadud' is what we focused on...  

Math:  students are 
exploring numbers from 1-30.  Students are printing numbers and number words.

Library:  students had a chance to go to the library and go over rules and routines.  Students are learning the different parts of a book.
Please make sure that your child returns their library books every Wednesday.

Science:  We are done for now.  We will be concentrating on Social studies.

Social Studies: we are learning about rules and responsibilities at home, school and other public places.

Spelling:  students have started to work on their workbooks we are going over the letters of the alphabet and phonetic sounds and recognising beginning sounds of words. 

Physical education:  We have been starting our gym class with a warm up followed by an activity.  Students have been learning many of the safety rules for gym class and learning how to follow instructions during their class.
I have been taking time to discuss the importance of eating healthy.  Most students are doing excellent, and they understand the importance eating healthy food verses junk food.


Students had two special visitors you may ask your child about it.

*I have noticed that some students are coming late to class, please make sure that your child is in class by 8:20am. It is essential that your child arrives to school on time. We start our day with a morning assemble where we reading quran, hadith of the month and important reminders. 

* From time time we have students who forget to bring in their lunch bags and need a snack.  I would like to have have a "snack bank" that we can keep in our class in case of emergency.   If you like to help you may send in cereal bars, cheese crackers, juice, cereal or any other non perishable snacks.