Friday 13 May 2016

Classwork and homework

Dear Parents,

I hope and pray that all of you are doing well, Inshaa Allah. 

We've had a wonderful week so far alhamdulillah! All the students had a busy and exciting week Masha Allah!

Islamic Studies: 
We started talking about “Ramadan” and continue to talk about being respectful at home, at school, while visiting others, at the mosque, ect.

Math:  We have been exploring probability. Students can predict what might happen based on their experience.

Writing: Make sure your child bring a stuffed animal on Wednesday to write about.

Spelling:  Students will be having a spelling test this coming Tuesday insha Allah. These are the words:

white child  cooked   sleeping   mother   dish   fixed   blowing   when   lunch   asked   rowing   bath   shoe   pulled   singing   
We worked  on lesson 24 
You may use spelling city to practice  

Reading: Do not forget to use raz kids at home.  

Science:  We are wrapping up our unit on Energy.

Social studies: Masha Allah we finished all our projects.  All the students did very well.  The rubrics will be sent home next week insha Allah.

Writing:  We are practising making simple sentences and sounding out words. Have your child practice writing descriptive sentences.

Quran:  Revise verses learned in class. Surah Albalad ayah 6-11

French:  A.   Spelling test on Wednesday,May18,2016.
B.   French test on Wednesday, May 25,2016

 You find below the words.   
1.    Marie
2.    parle
3.    avec
4.    son
5.    amie
6.    suzanne


*        Thank you so much to Bashir's mother, Ibrahim's mother, Sara. S. uncle and SK volunteer for joining us in during the field trip.  Without them this trip would of been cancelled.

* If you have not bought your tickets for the fun raising dinner please do so ASAP.  The Dinner will take place on Sunday May 22nd insha Allah.