Wednesday 24 February 2016

Note From Teacher Said

Assalam alaikoum Dear Parents, I hope my email finds you in good health and Eman .
This week, your child began a new unit, Où est mon chien ?
            In order to do well in French in  this unit , your child will:
•  participate actively in class, in French only;
•  memorize the play;
•  work cooperatively with others in the class while answering questions;
•  learn the gestures covered in class;
•  learn the gesture associations;
•  participate in songs,  chants, and games with enthusiasm;
•  complete class work;
•  seek help when needed.

At-home support
In order to support the work covered in class, and to ensure student success and independence, students may practice the gestures and the play, songs .
Students will be assessed on their ability to:
•  learn the words in this unit;
•  use French spontaneously, both with the teacher and with peers;
  pronounce words correctly;
•  answer questions based on the story;
•  memorize the play;
•  perform the play;
•  listen well;
•  cooperate with peers while working with a partner;
•  participate with enthusiasm;
•  complete work on time;
•  stay focused and productive in class.

·         One double-sided pocket folder for work in class
·         Story
·         DVD -CD
·         Activities
·. posters

   I am looking forward to working with your child. Please don’t hesitate to send me an email , if you have any questions regarding this outline or your child’s progress. Please encourage your child to share with you what and how s/he is learning in French class.
   At the end of each unit, your child will make a presentation. Establishing a link between home and school is a very important aspect of this French program.

 You find in attachment all French material we will use in class.
     Jazakoum Allah khairan                                                                       

French teacher