Wednesday 19 December 2012

Quran Competition & homework

Abraar School 4th   Annual Quran Competition 2012-2013

·      Registration: 
    All entries must be registered with Tr. Samia and must be received by January 31st, 2013.
(No registrations will be accepted past this date).

·      Judging Criteria: 
Students will be judged based on memorization, rules of recitation (Tajweed), voice quality, and voice clarity.

·      Prizes:    
    First and Second places in each age group will receive valuable prizes Inshallah.

·      More details and information will follow and for any questions please contact Tr. Samia.


Al Fateha, Annass, Al Falaq, Al Ikhlas and Al Masad. (5 Suras)
Al Fateha, Annass, Al Falaq, Al Ikhlas, Al Masad, Annasr, Al Kawther, Al Asr,  Al Feel and Quraish. (10 Suras)
Al Asr, Al Feel, Quraish, Al Kaferoon, Al Maoon, Al Homaza, Attakathor, Al Qareah, Al Adiat and Al Qadr. (10 Suras)
Al Zalzala, Atteen, Al Qadr, Al Alaq, Ashareh, Adduha, Allail, Ashams, Al Balad and Al Fajr. (10 Suras)
Al Gashia, Al Alla, Al Bayyana, Attariq, Al Borooj, Al Mutafifeen, Abasa and Al Infitar. (8 Suras)
Al Mutafifeen, Al Infitar, Atakweer, Abasa, Annaziaat, Annaba, Al Insan and Al Mursalat. (8 Suras)
Al Mursalat, Al Insan, Al Qiama, Al Mudather, Al Jinn and Al Mozzamel. (6 Suras)
Al Mozzamel, Al Jinn, Nooh, Al Maarej, Al Haaqa and Al Qalam. (6 Suras)
Al Qalam, Al Mulk, Attahreem, Attalaq, Al Monafiqoon and Attagabon. (6 Suras)
Al Hasher, Al Momtahena, Assaf, Al Jumoaah, Al Monafiqoon and Al Tagaboon. (6 Suras)

Homework for 12/19/2012
Math: page 207 please complete at home.
Spelling:  you will notice that I sent the spelling workbook today.  Please keep it at home for the winter break just in case you might want to go over some lessons with your child.
The spelling test book was also sent home.  Review the words your child had difficulties with during the break.  Do not return it tomorrow.
I sent an e-mail today regarding the winter break homework, I will blog it on Friday for easy access for you and your child  Insha Allah
Pet Sitter Need !!!!
I told the students today that I will be looking for pet sitting during the winter break.  The students are very comfortable with the class pets, if you allow your son/ daughter to pet sit during the break please write their name on a piece of paper for a draw.